Kin Machinebouw Rijen

User of Plan-de-CAMpagne
The in 2008 newly appointed ‘Royal decree Purveyor to her Majesty the Queen’ Kin Machinebouw Rijen realizes innovative production systems and precision components for the chemical, paper, ceramic, food, electronic, and steel industries – worldwide. Kin uses Plan-de-CAMpagne for calculating their products to optimize production quality, price and time of delivery.

Kin Machinebouw Rijen’s experience with the ERP-software

  • Branch specific application
  • Flexible and complete
  • Process of further development
  • In CAD you can easily reach the article library of Plan-de-CAMpagne
  • In general: an Open Source Application

“Plan-de-CAMpagne is an important tool helping us to manage our rapidly expanding business, both on production side and project management aspects.”

References Plan-de-CAMpagne

“Thanks to Plan-de-CAMpagne all the company’s processes are linked in such a way that all gathered information can be used in each department. A huge efficiency boost in the work planning department.”



“With Plan-de-CAMpagne we have optimum insight in the monitoring of the process and delivery dates.”


“When a customer calls, I can find the required information much quicker in Plan-de-CAMpagne, than I used to do in my Excel sheet. Even historical data. By using Plan-de-CAMpagne LA we now have a complete overview of the production process and the production capacity.”


Aldenzee RVS

“Plan-de-CAMpagne is another step forward to becoming a professional organisation.”

Airborne International

“Plan-de-CAMpagne is the overall information thread in our company.”

Stemin Machinefabriek

“Plan-de-CAMpagne is an important tool with enables us to manage our rapidly expanding business, both on the production side as with project management aspects.”

Kin Machinebouw Rijen

“A practical and easy-to-use ERP system for our order administration.”