ERP for work planners

Create pre-calculations, set up routings, prepare and place orders, check stock automatically…  With Plan-de-CAMpagne you can start the whole production process within a few seconds. In this way you get a detailed overview of the production planning and a continuous clear graphical overview of the progress of each individual order. Fast, well organized, simple. 

Advantages Plan-de-CAMpagne ERP to work plannersAdvantages Plan-de-CAMpagne to work planners

  • From drawing to production in 2 minutes
  • A time saving of 75%  thanks to data entry using the product configurator
  • Single data entry
  • Insight into the real order times thanks to online time registration
  • Exact post-calculations, planning and delivery time right the first time

Stemin is user of Plan-de-CAMpagne (ERP)"Plan-de-CAMpagne is the information thread in our company."


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