ERP for small (one-man) companies

Plan-de-CAMpagne LA (Local Access) is a full ERP system at a minimum price, easily scalable for small and medium sized companies from one employee to X. PdC offers the opportunity to keep an entire administration, pre-calculations as well as post-calculations, quotations and invoices in one powerful production management system.

Save at least 25% of your time

Time spent on finding information is no longer an issue. The efficient single point of data entry in PdC enables easy retrieval of any information required. You can save at least 25% of time spent on administrative tasks; a direct gain so you can focus on your core business: the production itself.

Advantages Plan-de-CAMpagne LA for one-man companiesAdvantages Plan-de-CAMpagne LA for sole traders

  • User-friendly, intuitive and easy to learn ERP software
  • Cost saving and error reduction thanks to single data entry
  • Post-calculations, planning and delivery time, first time right
  • The LA version can easily be expanded from one workplace to many more users
  • Free licence at an annual subscription (helpdesk and software updates) at attractive monthly rate

Aldenzee RVS is user of Plan-de-CAMpagne LA (ERP)"When a customer calls, I can find the required information much faster in Plan-de-CAMpagne, than I used to do in my Excel sheet, even historical data. By using Plan-de-CAMpagne LA we now have a complete overview of the production process and the production capacity."

Aldenzee RVS

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