ERP for planners

Agreeing on delivery dates and actually meeting them is essential for successful manufacturing management. The planner fulfils a crucial role in this process. In Plan-de-CAMpagne insight in the order progress, capacity, stock and tasks lists is at hand just in one button click. Consequences of defective machines, late delivery of materials or illness of employees are calculated immediately. By (automatically) changing the route, you can solve problems and meet your agreements.

Advantages Plan-de-CAMpagne ERP to plannersAdvantages Plan-de-CAMpagne to planners

  • Continuously monitoring order feasibility
  • Planning orders from start date or delivery date
  • Combining of planning according to infinite and definite capacity
  • Planning urgent orders easily
  • Complete overview of work in progress
  • Twice as many orders with the same capacity

Plan-de-CAMpagne (ERP) occupation graph

Steinbusch is user of Plan-de-CAMpagne (ERP)"In Plan-de-CAMpagne process and delivery date control is organized to perfection."


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