ERP for managers

To defy competition, an efficient business operation is of vital importance. Integrating all information - from order entry to order delivery- in one system will improve your company’s process as a whole. This way you can even gain up to 50% efficiency improvement.

Plan-de-CAMpagne (ERP) advantages to managers

Plan-de-CAMpagne advantages for managers


  • One button click gives you insight into your company’s processes
  • Reduction of costs and errors due to single data entry
  • Increased delivery reliability due to clear planning and insight into logistics processes
  • 50% increase due to software integration: data from Plan-de-CAMpagne is directly available in CAD/CAM-, tool management- and accounting-systems
  • Clear overviews and management reports

‚ÄčInsight into business performance with Management Cockpit

STAALWERK is user of Plan-de-CAMpagne (ERP)“Thanks to Plan-de-CAMpagne all the company’s processes are linked in such a way that all gathered information can be used in each department. A huge efficiency boost in the work planning department.”


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