Plan-de-CAMpage (ERP) process

ERP for manufacturing companies

Manufacturing companies in the Netherlands and abroad generally improve their efficiency by 30% when they manage their company’s processes using Plan-de-CAMpagne ERP software. Integrating all information regarding quotations, orders, stock, planning, purchasing, capacity, production and invoicing in one ERP system improves your company’s process as a whole from order entry to order delivery.

Advantages Plan-de-CAMpagne (ERP)Why Plan-de-CAMpagne (ERP) from Bemet?

  • One year ROI
  • Developed by our specialists from your business practice
  • User friendly and easy to learn ERP software
  • Cost saving and easy to apply to your daily practice thanks to its modular structure
  • Professional implementation (on average in two months)
  • One system with existing interfaces with CAD/CAM, tool management and accounting systems

You are looking for an ERP-solution for:


Process in view, higher delivery reliability and more profit


Gain insight into and monitor the logistic process, stock and material certificates

Work planners

Pre- and post-calculations, order progress, orders and time registration


Gain insight into capacity, task lists, work in progress and delivery times

Small (one-man) companies

More production time and less time spent on administration