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  1. In this disclaimer the following is understood:
    1. the web page: every web page on which Bemet International B.V. includes a hyperlink to this disclaimer with the intention of the disclaimer being applicable to that page
    2. Bemet International B.V.: the authorised publisher of the web page
    3. to use: all possible actions
    4. you: the user (visitor) of the web page
    5. the content: all content contained in the web page
  2. The following applies to the page you are currently viewing. By using the page, you agree to this disclaimer.
  3. The content is compiled by the owner with the utmost care, but the owner accepts no liability in respect of any possible inaccuracies displayed.
  4. The owner is not responsible for content on the linked files on this website and/or websites to which reference is made.
  5. Unauthorized or improper use of the content or parts thereof infringe intellectual property rights.
  6. Consent to the use of the content or parts thereof in public places must be requested in writing to us.
  7. The copyright of all the photographs on the entire website belong to the photographers. You should contact them to obtain permission for any use of photographs from this site.

Disclaimer Bemet e-mail

This message (including any attachments) may be privileged or confidential. If you have received it by mistake, please notify the sender by return e-mail and delete this message from your system. Any unauthorised use or dissemination of this message in whole or in part is strictly prohibited. Bemet International B.V. rejects any liability for the improper, incomplete or delayed transmission of the information contained in this message, as well as for damages resulting from this e-mail message. Bemet International B.V. cannot guarantee that the message received by you has not been intercepted by third parties and/or manipulated by computer programmes used to transmit messages and viruses.

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